6+ Poker from BetGames.TV shakes up an old favourite

Innovative live game provider BetGames.TV has reinvented a favourite table game with the launch of 6+ Poker. The concept is simple, but revolutionary – what happens to a poker game when you remove all cards lower than a 6?

6+ Poker

How 6+ Poker works

6+ Poker has fewer cards – just 36 – and as a result, it is much easier to get matches.

In the BetGames studio the dealer deals two cards to themselves, two to the player, and deals a five-card flop in the middle of the table.

The cards are dealt in stages to allow bets to be placed throughout the game – first the player gets two cards, then three cards are placed in the flop, then a fourth, then a fifth, and then the dealer’s two cards are revealed.

Players can place wagers on all aspects of the game, choosing to back the player hand, the dealer hand, or bet on the likelihood of a flush, full house, or other type of hand. The odds of any result are instantly recalculated at every stage of the game, making sure there is always something interesting to wager on at any given time.

Poker hands that are relatively rare with a full deck are much more common in this format, keeping the game fresh and interesting. A full house is common enough that the odds of a player getting one are always lower than those for a flush!

6+ Poker

6+ Poker gameplay

BetGames.TV have included some very clever innovations with the presentation of 6+ Poker that will certainly be a hit with players.

With only two hands and only nine cards dealt per hand, the game is VERY fast. The pacing is gentle, and relaxed, but there is simply a lot less for the dealer to do resulting in more action and less waiting time.

Another innovation is the decision to replace the cards with an entirely new deck between each game. Dealers no longer have to carefully mix the cards on the table, tap them back into position, and slot them back into the shoe. Instead they open a hatch on the side of the table, place the old deck on one side, and remove a fresh deck from the other side. This is a big time saver and allows the action to start again very quickly.

BetGames.TV also use much smaller cards in 6+ Poker than in their other card games. The game takes up much less space which allows the dealer to sit at a much smaller table, much closer to the camera. The game feels much more intimate, and comes much closer to the 1-to-1 experience of a real-life, two-handed poker game.

6+ Poker

What BetGames.TV say

The BetGames.TV team are rightfully proud of their new addition. In an interview, Chief Operations Officer Aiste Garneviciene explained, “The one-on-one experience with our dealers creates a cosy atmosphere while also offering amazing outcome-based opportunities.

“The game brings about an increased chance of winning and a radical approach that sees a shake-up in winning hands and boasts sensational outcome-based odds and wins.”

Tonybet live casino

Where can you play 6+ Poker?

BetGames.TV normally release new games on their demo site first, and then to online casino providers once a rigorous testing process is completed. For now it appears 6+ Poker is only on the demo site, but when it starts appearing more widely we recommend trying TonyBet.

TonyBet were one of the first casinos available in the UK and Western Europe to provide BetGames.TV content, and have a good selection of their previously released games.

If you have not tried BetGames.TV previously, sign up for an account with TonyBet and see for yourself!

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