BackgammonBet – new live game from TVBET

TVBET have announced the addition of another live game to their already large portfolio – BackgammonBet.

The new game is a twist on the ancient game of Backgammon, which has been reinvented for the live-streaming era. It is the second new addition for TVBET in as many months, following the launch of Lucky6 in late October.



How BackgammonBet works

Introducing this classic game to live streaming required TVBET to come up with several innovations. One immediate challenge is that the traditional Backgammon game is normally played by two players.

In BackgammonBet, gameplay is overseen by one of TVBET’s highly professional and expert presenters, who rolls the dice in turn for black or white. This allows complete games to be shown on screen, move by move.

In classic TVBET style, players can bet on the overall outcome of the game or any of hundreds of possible side bets. Odds are displayed for everything from the number of moves per game to whether the number rolled on the next throw is odd or even.

The presenter moves black or white pieces, depending on the turn, with the goal being for one colour to bring every piece “home” and then remove it from the board.


Our verdict

All great ideas are said to seem obvious in retrospect, and BackgammonBet is a case in point. The TVBET product is so compelling, and Backgammon provides so many wagering opportunities, one must wonder why this has not been done before.

The BackgammonBet set is extremely well designed, managing to be simultaneously intriguing and relaxed. Players are provided with tight closeups of all dice throws, and the unhurried pace make each turn easy to follow. The huge range of sidebets on offer mean there is always something to bet on every few seconds.

Considering how popular the classic Backgammon game is around the world, especially in Asia and the Middle East, this live game is bound to find a dedicated audience.


Where can you play BackgammonBet?

BackgammonBet is still in its final testing stages, and can only be seen now on the TVBET Demo webpage.

MelBetPlayers interested in trying the nine other TVBET games currently available can sign up for an account with Melbet (Please note, Melbet is not currently licensed to accept UK based players).

Still a very new company, TVBET has not yet partnered with any online casino with a UK license. We hope this will change soon. When it does – expect to hear about it from Live Casino Buzz!

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