Interview with Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET

This time last year, TVBET CEO Peter Korpusenko was preparing his company to stream its very first live games. As of November 2019, TVBET is now broadcasting ELEVEN live dealer games in ultra-high-definition, twenty-four hours a day.

That explosive growth in content is extremely impressive, but is only one reason the company is surging in popularity at the moment. TVBET has also won a growing fan base from its high production values, new games formats such as Super6 and Jokerbet, and innovations like sitewide jackpots.

We sat down recently with Peter Korpusenko to learn more about this exciting new gaming company, and what players can expect to see in the near future. But first, we asked Peter to tell us a bit more about himself:

Peter Korpusenko: Most of my career has involved working with gambling companies. I’ve watched firsthand how betting and casino products have changed from year to year, and seen what players like and dislike. Immediately before helping launch TVBET, I worked for several years in the online gaming industry. I was directly involved in the creation and launch of several betting products across the global market.

Live Casino Buzz: So what was it that in particular that inspired you to help start something new? Why launch TVBET?

TV BET Lucky6
The recently released Super6 from TVBET

PK: The dream behind TVBET is to provide players with a memorable gaming experience featuring live, fast games that are truly different from anything else out there. The company was formed in 2016 by a small group of industry experts with decades of experience who all shared this vision.

We started off by building our own studio, and officially launched our live broadcasts earlier this year with five live games. We now have over 150 employees spread across offices in four countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus). TVBET games are now available through more than 70 partners across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

LCB: It’s hard to believe thatTVBET has grown so much in less than a year. What’s been the best moment so far?

PK: The best moment was realizing that TVBET has become a trendsetter for live-games. We design our games based on what our players around the world want, not by looking at the competition.

LCB: Are you able to tell us about the biggest winner you’ve had on TVBET so far?

PK: Sure. A player wagered $40 on a Straight Flush result with 600/1 odds on our Poker Bet game and won $30,000. Such moments make the game special.

LCB: Winning $30,000 would certainly make anyone’s day!

But backing up for a moment, you said that TVBET designs its games for its players. TVBET’s selection includes familiar games like Poker and War, but there also some games that players won’t expect, like BackgammonBet and Lucky6 . Can you tell us more about how do you decide which games to include?

PK: It all starts by providing customers with what they want, of course. Well-known, highly-popular games are a must, but we breathe new life into them with modern twists like bonuses, promo codes, and individual jackpots. Building on a classic lottery game is how we came to develop Lucky6, for example.

BackgammonBet by Peter Korpusenko
Peter Korpusenko is enthusiastic about TVBET’s newest game, BackgammonBet

At the same time, we are operating in a global market and we have to consider the cultural characteristics of each region. Lottery games like Keno, 1Bet, and 5Bet are very popular in Africa, while players from Europe are gravitate towards card games, like PokerBet and JokerBet. Players from Asia tend to prefer Baccarat, while players from Latin America like dice games and lottery.

The decision to introduce BackgammonBet was for just this sort of reason. We expect it to be very popular in the Middle East, Asia, and some parts of Europe.

LCB: TVBET takes great care with the presentation of each game, and BackgammonBet is a great example. The sets are creative and interesting, the graphics are clear and accessible, and the presenters are well turned out and very engaging. Why is getting the look of the games right so important in your opinion?

PK: Actually you’ve not mentioned the broadcast quality, which is probably the factor we have invested in the most. We use the latest American broadcasting technology at TVBET, and the standards are high enough to make most television stations blush. Streaming is in full HD and 4K with a continuous internet connection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a big part of our appeal, and players regularly comment to us about the broadcast quality.

We are also very proud of our presenters – it’s their charming smiles and professionalism that make players literally ‘stick’ to their screens.

LCB: The TVBET presenters seem especially engaged and motivated. Human interaction is an essential ingredient for successful live casino games. What is TVBET’s secret?

1Bet from TVBET
1Bet from TVBET

PK: Our presenters are the main driver for our success, so we make sure they share our values and understand the importance of their work. Our player numbers are growing rapidly, and we make sure the presenter team know this and understand the vital part they play in that growth. We want them to feel ownership of our success.

Another factor is the broadcasting technology I mentioned before. We have access to systems that are better than can be found in most channels in Poland, Ukraine, or Russia, and our presenters enjoy working in a state-of-the-art facility.

LCB: In November 2019, TVBET launched its tenth and eleventh games, Lucky6 and BackgammonBet. Are you currently working on a twelfth game? If so, when can we expect it?

PK: Lucky6 and BackgammonBet are currently in advanced testing. For now they are only available on the Demo page of our website, but they will be rolled out to our online casino partners soon.

We have several other games in development that we are confident will suit the taste of casino lovers, but that’s all I can tell you for now.

LCB: Not even a hint about the next games?

PK: No, sorry. My lips are sealed!

LCB: Okay, let’s move on to something you can talk about then. TVBET has progressive jackpots that players can win randomly following any win in any game. How are players reacting to this innovation?

Poker from TVBET
TVBET’s Poker stream

PK: Yes, our partners have the option of including jackpots in games for players to win. This automatically enters every winning bet into a draw. There are jackpots for specific games and a system-wide mega jackpot which can be won following any successful bet on any game.

And before you ask, the biggest jackpot won by a TVBET player so far is €3,305.08, which was won from a half euro bet.

LCB: TVBET has come a LONG way in its first year. What can players expect to see in year two?

PK: We have plenty of plans that will be implemented in the near future. No
spoilers, but I will tell you that we will increase our games from eleven to twenty during 2020.

LCB: Twenty games! That’s a LOT!

PK: Our players have learned to expect the best from TVBET, and we do our best to make sure the new games meet these same high standards. A constantly improving gaming experience is what we are striving for.

LCB: We will be very excited to see the new games as you roll them out. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today!

PK: Anytime. It’s been my pleasure.

Thanks to Peter Korpusenko for telling us more about TVBET. For more information please check out the Live Casino Buzz TVBET game review page, or the TVBET company website.

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