Lucky6 – new live casino game from TVBET

Live-presenter game-provider TVBET have launched their eleventh game this year: Lucky6!

At first glance, Lucky6 looks like a simple lottery game. It is actually much more complex and fascinating – here is how it works:


Lucky6 explained

Pretty much everyone has bought a lottery ticket and waited a few days to find out the results. Playing Lucky6 is a similar experience, except the wait for the next game never lasts more than five minutes!

What makes Lucky6 different from your average number draw game is indicated by the name – the sixth ball that makes the difference between an average or totally huge win.

The first five numbers of the draw are completely normal. Coloured ping-pong balls pop out of the hopper and roll down a cascading ramp. Presenters do not just draw a single sixth ball, however. The game keeps going until an additional 30 balls are selected – all acting as possible winning sixth balls. To win, a player needs to match their sixth ball with any one of these thirty, but which one matches makes all the difference.

For example, matching the thirtieth ball from the list earns a player a 1x multiplier of the original stake (okay, no multiplier really). Earlier numbers generate much higher multipliers: 22nd place gets a 10x multiplier, 7th place results in a 1,200x multiplier, and 1st place delivers a whopping 100,000x multiplier!!

Of course, there is no guarantee that the sixth ball will have a match at all, so even a 1x win is still a win!

With a new game starting every five minutes there is a lot of action for players to enjoy. Once a draw starts, bets on the full six numbers are closed. TVBET thoughtfully allow players to select their bets up to nine games in advance, so there is no need to miss a draw. Results are published online so if you get distracted, you can always find out how lucky you were later on.


Sidebets aplenty!

Betting on a full six ball result is not possible once a game starts, but there are plenty of sidebet options for players arriving late. These are also good for anyone wanting to enjoy Lucky6 with lower odds wagering.

Players can bet on the total amount of all ball numbers added together, the colour of the first or last ball, whether there are more odd or even numbers, and so on.


Do not forget the Jackpots!

One unique feature of TVBET is its use of progressive jackpots which can fall randomly for any player following a win.

Lucky6 has its own unique jackpot which grows the longer it takes to drop. If they are REALLY lucky, winning players can win the game jackpot in addition to their normal winnings.

But wait, there’s more! Any win on any game across any of the eleven TVBET games can randomly trigger the Mega Jackpot as well!

Both jackpot totals are displayed on the screen at all times, so there is no chance you will forget about them.

Is this the only progressive jackpot incorporated into a live-presenter game? We think TVBET may be on to something here.

Where can you play Lucky6?

TVBET is a relatively new live-presenter game provider, and it is currently not available with any UK-MelBetlicensed casino. Players from other countries can currently access TVBET by opening an account with Melbet, who provide a huge range of sports betting, casino, and live casino options.

We are hoping TVBET will be available on more and more online casinos – when this happens expect to read about it here on Live Casino Buzz!

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