Pragmatic Play innovations give players fastest blackjack

Live casino provider Pragmatic Play has unveiled two new tables with innovative features for speeding up play. According to Pragmatic, the result is the fastest blackjack available to live casino players anywhere.

Is this the world’s fastest blackjack?

Pragmatic’s two innovative features should appeal strongly to experienced players who want more action and less waiting.

Auto Stand: This new feature allows players to choose a minimum card sum in advance, and for all hands to stand automatically when it is reached. Do you always stand on 15 or more? Now this personal habit can be automated to move the game along. This feature sounds small, but does have a surprising impact on game speed: according to Pragmatic Play auto stand alone makes games 25% quicker.

Deal Now: A second feature reduces the wait time between hands. If everyone on a table has placed their bets, the betting time ends automatically and play begins immediately. In addition, players can make early decisions – betting choices made before it is their turn – to keep dead time to an absolute minimum.

Put these two upgrades together, and Pragmatic Play claim they now have the fastest blackjack experience on the market. A long-time slot and bingo game producer, Pragmatic only entered the live casino market in recent months. The two innovations will certainly get the attention of experienced players who want to enjoy a maximum number of games in a minimum amount of time.

“Our Live Casino offering is one of the most modern and exciting in the market,” explained Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play in a statement. “We are delighted to further strengthen it with the addition of our new Blackjack titles.

“We cater to all Blackjack needs with these new additions, from casual players to high rollers.”

Where can you play Pragmatic Play live casino?

Pragmatic Play’s live casino games are still relatively new, and are not currently featured on any of the online casinos reviewed by Live Casino Buzz. (unlike their slots, which are available on Unibet, Casumo, and most other major providers).

In the few short months since launch, Pragmatic’s live tables have begun appearing on several casinos that are well known in other European markets, so it is hopefully just a matter of time before one with a UK license makes a similar deal.

Even without the option to play Pragmatic live games directly, UK players should be cheered to see a new player in the market producing creative innovations. No doubt, it is just a matter of time before Pragamatic’s upgrades to game speed are embraced by other live casino providers as well.

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